MITUTOYO is the  worldwide leader in precision measuring and metrological instruments.

Hitech Tools and Instruments is authorised distrubutor of Mitutoyo in India. Hitech Tools offers sales and support to make your enquiry as fast and efficient as possible. We market the entire range of Mitutoyo products from micrometers, digital calipers to profile projectors. We offer applications support, product support, product information and service for all Mitutoyo products.


The JAFUJI encompasses the entire range of critical accessories like magnetic dial stands, comparator stands, v blocks and granite surface plates.

Besides being sold in India JAFUJI products are exported to several countries like Italy, Germany, Switzerland, South Korea, Israel and Thailand.


Kroeplin is in development and production of handy reliable and precise gauges for the measurement of lengths and thicknesses, especially for the metalworking industry.


We are one of the authorized distributor for PIE TAPE in INDIA. Hitech offers sales and support to make your enquiry as fast and efficient as possible. 

Other Products

Miscellaneous Product Range of Precision Measuring Tools and Instruments.

Precise Gages

This appication products are very special and mainly used over Aerospace companies. 

Our gages provide the ability to better control processes, reduce scrap/rework and increase productivity. Our customers recognize the need for fast and accurate dimensional control in the manufacturing process. The cost of introducing our gages into the manufacturing and quality control process is often less than the cumulative cost of inspection time and repairs of a rejected structure. Our Fastener Head Protrusion Measuring System is a product developed specifically for fastener manufacturing companies to inspect and control the limited tolerance range of their products.